great packaging solutions have highly tested

While it is easy to tell when packaging solutions are great or barely adequate, it can be hard to define exactly what takes it from satisfactory to great. While not all packaging solutions are the same in their execution, they do share some common traits among them that allow them to be great. Here are 5 things that all packaging solutions need before they can take the next step to being great.

  1. Branded: If you want your packaging solution to stand out, you need it to be branded. Having the brand as part of the packaging allows the consumer to link the quality of the packaging to the brand as well as the product. 
  2. Custom: A custom solution for your product can make the product all the more special. Using the same packaging for everything can save money, but it can lose out on the specialness of the product in the hands of the customer.
  3. Quality: If the packaging struggles to simply package effectively, that could be a problem. While many great packaging solutions have highly tested and perfected designs, all great packaging solutions need a baseline of quality in their packaging.
  4. Simplicity: The maxim of quantity says that only the maximum amount of info that needs to be communicated should be, and nothing more. Adding lots of unnecessary info, deigns, or graphics can make the packaging appear cluttered or low quality. Keep the important ideas and add nothing more.
  5. Sustainability: Well-designed packaging should be sustainable, because modern consumers often find it a requirement in the products they purchase.

While you never know if your packaging solution is the next pinnacle of design, it will never have a fighting chance if these 5 guidelines are not met.