Do you own a weapon? If you do, how do you hide it? It’s important to note that allowing your weapon to be seen (brandishing) may be prohibited depending on your area. Therefore, concealed carry is essential in such instances because you can easily carry your weapon without anyone noticing it.

There are many ways of carrying a concealed weapon. How you hide your weapon is entirely up to you, but that may be influenced by several factors like ease of accessibility, clothing, work, and environment. If you’re wondering which concealed carry options would work for you, here are 5 common options you can consider:

1. Fanny Pack

There are different sizes of the fanny pack that are specially designed to hold a concealed firearm. Usually, the fanny packs come with several pockets for flashlights, extra magazines, and so forth.

2. Conventional Belt Holster

This is one of the most recommended ways of concealing your weapon. External holsters, shoulder holsters, and inside-the-pants holsters are all different options to choose from.

3. Shoulder Bag/Briefcase and Purse

These are great choices since anybody can easily carry their weapons in a briefcase or shoulder bag. Women can also conveniently carry weapons in their purses. There are specific concealed carry models readily available, depending on your needs and taste.

4. Ankle Holster

An ankle holster is particularly great for little concealed carry weapons and can be worn, especially with boots.

5. Photographer’s Vest

This is a functional piece with lots of storage space and can also be easily used for concealed carry.

These are five simple solutions for your concealed carry options. Check out your local gun store if you’re interested in learning more about carrying your gun safely and discreetly.