Heating and air conditioning systems usually run smoothly

Heating and air conditioning systems usually run smoothly, but since they run every hour of every day they are bound to run into some issues. Here are 7 common issues that you may experience with your heating and air conditioning systems as they age.

  1. Ignition Problems: Heaters need a constant source of ignition to operate, so they will have a device such as a pilot light. Sometimes these go out, or have trouble staying lit do to other mechanical issues, but either way you should hire a professional to fix ignition issues.
  2. Filters: Filters must be replaced when they get dirty, otherwise the air cannot flow correctly. A dirty filter reduces air flow, which puts extra strain on the heating and air conditioning system in your home or office.
  3. Fuses: There are many fuses and electrical lines running around a heating and air conditioning system, so something is bound to blow. If a fuse blows or a wire gets frayed, hire a professional to deal with any potential electrical danger.
  4. Condensers: Without regular maintenance, a condenser or evaporator coils can get dirty and not work as well. Always call a heating and air conditioning professional to do the maintenance regularly on these parts.
  5. Thermostat: Thermostats are usually resilient to age but will eventually stop working. Most people replace these more often than they break, so consider replacing your thermostat before it gets so old it stops working.

Those are some common weak points in heating and air conditioning systems. Always call a professional to do regular maintenance, and these things will rarely give you issue.