Car detailing is a delicate process that’s ordinarily done by professional automotive technicians. It entails thorough cleaning of the vehicle using special products and equipment.

4 Types of Car Detailing Services

Reconditioning and cleaning of the car’s exterior and interior are also done to restore its paintwork. Through removing swirl marks and scratches, the car regains its original brand-new look. Some of the car detailing services are:

  1. Glass Treatment

In this treatment, oxidation, and hard watermarks are removed, and a firm protective layer is created to aid in better vision for night driving. It’s mainly for protection and cleansing of the vehicle’s windshield. This service can keep hard watermark stains off your windshield for a year.

  1. Leather Treatment

This is one of the most crucial car detailing services. It starts with a soft cleaning procedure to rid your vehicle of grime and dirt that builds up on the leather.

Afterward, the leather is moisturized with a special conditioner. This conditioner gives the leather its characteristic smooth look and appearance. It also helps keep the leather strong and supple.

  1. Tire Dressing

This is a chemical formula that is used to restore the black look of faded tire rubber. It’s used on car tires that have undergone washing. The dressing gives your tires a rich and deep dark look.

  1. Fabric Protection

This car detailing treatment consists of a semi-permanent transparent layer applied to the inner ‘soft’ surfaces of your vehicle. It keeps stains and liquids away from your car fabric while maintaining its look and feel.