4 Tips for Preserving the Health of Your Trees with Tree Care

There is nothing that offers so much curbside appeal as beautiful, mature trees. Offering both beauty and shade, trees are a wonderful part of your outdoor living space and naturally you will want them to remain healthy and beautiful over the course of their lifetime. Tree care can seem overwhelming since different types of trees need different care, while landscaping preferences and tree placement can affect how to best maintain and care for your trees. Here are four simple tree care tips to best preserve the health of your trees:

  1. Consider the time of year – Keep your trees looking their best year-round by considering seasonal tree care needs. For example, early spring is the perfect time to prune while plants and pests are dormant. Clear away dead, damaged and diseased branches to promote a quick recovery.
  2. Take care of damage – Check for signs of damage after winter weather or after a storm. Clearing broken tree branches and providing structural reinforcement to split limbs or trunks helps to preserve a tree’s health.
  3. Provide water as needed – Your trees get thirsty just like any other plant. If there has been no rain for several weeks, make sure your trees are getting a proper drink. Dig a small amount of dirt from the ground under your tree and check to see if the soil is moist or dry. This will help you know if it is time to water.
  4. Watch for disease – A good part of tree care is just keeping an eye on them. Check for any changes like discoloration of stunted growth which can be signs of a diseased tree. Knowing what to look for means you can call in a tree care professional and treat any issues early.