4 Things That Engineering Firms Can Do

There are a lot of types of engineers, and many engineering firms. But what do they do? While the average person does not use engineering firms every day, it is still important to know what things they can do. Here are 4 things that engineering firms do.

  1. Civil Engineering: A civil engineer works on big-picture infrastructure. You can hire a firm to figure out how best to build a highway, bridges, and buildings that are better suited to fighting the elements. These types of engineers are usually hired for large projects relating to building.
  2. Structural Engineering: A structural engineer will work on the specifics of the projects. They will design the specific framework of a building or bridge to make sure they can be as strong and capable as a civil engineer wanted. They are usually hired by an architect or someone trying to build something, so a normal person is more likely to work with one.
  3. Mechanical Engineering: These types of engineers work with machinery, designing and implementing things. They can work on engines, turbines, refrigerators or air conditioning systems but usually in a production capacity. They usually are not the ones to repair these things, but design and create them. You may need to hire them if you are building a particular structure that requires a system like a special HVAC or elevator system.
  4. Electrical Engineer: Electrical engineers work in designing, building, and maintaining electrical systems. If you need a specific electrical system you may want to hire them, but for standard home purposes you will usually see an electrician.

There are many types of engineers you may be able to hire from an engineering firm, but these 4 are very common. A firm is great because it puts all of the people needed for a project in one place, so make sure to find an engineering firm if you ever need engineers.