A glass company will work with all things glass

A glass company will work with all things glass, so it can be easy to forget what all they can do. So many things you own, whether it be in your bathroom, home, or car are all made of glass. Here are 4 services that a glass company can provide for all the glass things in your life.

  • Residential Windows: When people think of a glass company they may first think of windows in your home. While a glass company can install windows, they can also install specific kinds of windows, such as hurricane or ballistic windows.
  • Windshields: Another very popular example of glass is in vehicles. Windshields get replaced often, because glass cracks when it spends so many miles pushing the wind. A glass company will be able to repair or replace a cracked windshield.
  • Commercial Windows: Storefronts and commercial buildings also utilize glass in their windows. It is different from residential windows in their size. Their goal is to bring in more light, and a glass company will be an expert in installing them.
  • Mirrors: While mirrors aren’t typically what people think of when they hear glass, they still are made out of glass. Mirrors have reflective coatings applied to layers of glass, which means they are the jurisdiction of a glass company. A glass company can install new mirrors or help upgrade your home to have a more interesting mirror design in it.

While not everyone thinks immediately to businesses and mirror when thinking of glass, they are still made of glass. If you need any glass work done, call a glass company today.