Being a realtor involves spending a lot of time in your car. Whether you are driving to and from your office or to a potential client’s home, realtors spend a lot of time doing the road-commute shuffle. Here are a few reasons to get regular car detailing if you are a realtor.

  1. Better working environment – When you essentially work in your car, having regular car detailing makes for a much more pleasant working environment. Additionally, when your car is clean, you don’t have to worry about the potential germs and sickness that can be tracked in during cold season. That means less chances of getting sick and less chances of being unable to work.
  2. Good impression for clients – You wouldn’t show your clients a messy house, and with that same reasoning, you shouldn’t show your clients to a house in a messy car! When you drive clients around frequently to look at showings, you don’t want your car to be grimy or smell like last week’s fast food dinner. They will see that you are responsible enough to maintain your car in top condition, and that will help them feel more confident about your quality of service.
  3. Needs more frequent cleanings – When you are in your car often, there is more potential for dirt or grime to be tracked in. A frequently used car needs to be frequently cleaned and detailed.
  4. Longer lifespan for oft-used car – Regular car detailing can increase your car’s interior life expectancy, allowing for longer use and better resale.

These are a few reasons why you should regularly get car detailing if you are a realtor. It is a worthwhile investment especially since you are using the car so often.