white oak flooring has gained more popularity

When it comes to flooring for homes, white oak flooring has gained more popularity compared to red oak. It’s becoming apparent to most homeowners that it possesses unique characteristics which make it a great choice. Here are some advantages to using it.

•    Durability: White Oak is prone to less warping and denting. It’s highly durable which makes it attractive for flooring wood. It is also quite hard and tough, so it’s likely to outlast most wood flooring. With the right maintenance, you can get decades from it.

•    Variety in Color: White oak is ideal for white, gray and dark stain colors. Individuals are opting for darker shades as they appear more modern and stylish. For those looking to go lighter, white oak would be a much-welcomed choice.

•    Texture: Whether you are looking for a farmhouse or a distressed look, white oak flooring offers all these and more. It has a more natural and comfortable look to it compared to other hardwoods. By making use of wire brushing, saw marks and other hand scrapping technology, you can manage to attain more character from it.

•    Water Resistant: By nature of its grain, it has overall better resistance to water as well as most fluids. Because of the high chances of it remaining dry when it comes into contact with water most home designers use it in furniture; all these make white oak flooring much superior.