4 Mistakes to Avoid When Dealing With Quartz Countertops

Good-quality quartz countertops add style and elegance to every kitchen. Their classic smooth texture and unbeatable visual appeal is every homeowner’s delight. For the countertops to maintain their pristine appearance, proper care is necessary.

Many homeowners damage their beautiful countertops without even knowing it. If you’re planning on buying a quartz countertop, here are some blunders you should avoid to keep it looking amazing:

  1. Scrubbing with Rough Brightening Pads

A quartz countertop is naturally soft. Scrubbing it with a harsh pad makes it dull. When cleaning it, please use a soft nylon brush to remove stubborn stains or scouring pads to clean it. These cleaning items not only bring out the best in your countertop but make cleaning it easier too.

  1. Cutting Food Items on it Without Using a Chopping Board

As you cut vegetables and other foods on your kitchen quartz countertops, the force you apply may scratch them. Whenever you’re preparing food on your countertop, please place them on a chopping board or other similar objects.

  • Using the Wrong Cleaning Products on Them

Like many other countertops of different materials, a quartz countertop has specific cleaning products that should be used on it. Please don’t assume that your household cleaner is one of them. Carry out research before use.

  • Not Cleaning Spills Immediately

Quartz countertops may be stain-resistant, but they can stain if the spill is acidic. Cleaning spills as soon as they occur keeps your countertop stain-free and saves you the hassle of handling stubborn stains.