Dog boarding kennels are able to take care of dogs of all ages

Dog boarding kennels are able to take care of dogs of all ages. If you are planning to board an older dog, below are four tips you can use to make it easier on everyone.

Assess Your Dog – This is important whenever you’re planning to put your dog in a dog boarding facility, but especially for older dogs. Before you board your dog, fully assess the dog’s health. Let your kennel know if they have special issues. Give them a list of their medications and conditions so everything can be addressed.

Provide for Incontinence Issues – Your dog boarding kennel will greatly appreciate you doing this. A lot of elderly dogs have problems with incontinence. If your dog’s one of them, provide them with washable or extra bedding.

Inform Them of Issues with Movement – If the dog has problems with movement, you want to tell them. This can be things like sore joints or slower movement. This way they’re able to prepare for extra time needed for exercising the dog. They also can consider the conditions when your dog’s playing with other dogs.

Let Them Know of Their Diet – You want to tell the staff at the kennel of any changes in the dog’s drinking and eating behaviors. Dogs that are older often don’t eat as much because they’re not as active. Your dog shouldn’t be overfed since they can gain weight and add to their health issues.

These are four tips that you can use when boarding an older dog. The boarding facility will appreciate the help and consideration.