4 DIY Drain Cleaning Methods and Why They Do Not Work

No one likes a clogged drain, but when it does happen everyone has their own trick for drain cleaning. It is not recommended to use drain cleaning regularly, and some people say to avoid it entirely. However, many of the DIY drain cleaning solutions are not effective or can be bad. Here are 4 DIY drain cleaning solutions and why they are ineffective. 

  1. Hot Water: Boiling water may have some effect on the drain, but without cleaning product in the hot water it should have very little effect. To your drain, it may just feel like running the hot water and letting it drain, which means the boiling water will still struggle to drain.
  2. Baking Soda and Vinegar: Baking soda and vinegar will create a fun reaction but will not do a whole lot for cleaning. The chemical reaction looks bubbling and like it is effective at cleaning, but it will do little to actually break down any fats, which are often the cause of a clogged drain. The pressure of the reaction may unclog it, but that will be no different than using a plunger.
  3. Bleach: Bleach may be a slightly more effective drain cleaner, but you should not put bleach down a drain regardless of a clog. Try and avoid putting bleach down your drain in order to protect your pipes health.
  4. Lemon Juice and Salt: Lemon juice and salt is touted as a miracle cure by some, but as far as cleaning goes it is not the most effective thing. Most drain cleaners are a base, and lemon juice will do very little to break down a clog due to its chemical properties, or lack of cleaning chemical properties.

Having a clogged drain is a terrible thing, but make sure to tackle the issue using either proper equipment or professional help to fix your drain cleaning problem.