wood veneers are the perfect choice

There’s nothing like the beauty of wood. It brings a natural look to your home or business. But if you are looking for the look of wood in a more affordable form, wood veneers are the perfect choice. Below are four wood veneer benefits.

  1. Beauty at an Affordable Price. Wood veneer sheets give you the look of natural wood at a lower cost. As natural wood is scarcer these days, it’s a lot more expensive. A veneer is a very thin wood slice but gives you the look of it just the same.
  2. Design Flexibility. Each sheet of wood veneer’s different, just like the trees they come from. That means that there’s many options for giving you an exclusive look. Unlike laminate, you can use varnish or polish to change the shade of the wood easier.
  3. Eco-Friendly. Wood veneer sheets are eco-friendly, and you can easily recycle them. After they’ve finished their intended lifetime, you then can crush the veneers and make them into wood waste. This waste then can be used for making MDF and particle board.
  4. Non-toxic. Wood veneer is made from natural wood, unlike laminate. They’re usually non-toxic. There are even nontoxic adhesive options that don’t emit VOCs. You can use these kinds of adhesives for applying the veneer to your substrates.

When you are looking for the beautiful look of wood, wood veneers are a great choice. They’re affordable, eco-friendly and customizable! What a great choice for furniture and floors for your home.