types of air conditioning are central air and window air conditioners

Two of the most common types of air conditioning are central air and window air conditioners. Below are four benefits of choosing central air over window units.

1. Central Air Remains Installed

When you choose central air, you don’t have to worry about installing it and uninstalling it. When summertime comes to an end, you just have to hit the switch and turn your system off. Window air conditioners have to be removed in the fall and reinstalled in the summer.

2. You can Open Your Windows

When you choose central air conditioning, you have the choice to open windows when the day isn’t as hot. They just have to shut their AC off. When you have window air conditioners, you have windows blocked off and it’s not as simple to open up the windows.

3. You Can Keep Doors Open

Most houses have vents in each room in your house. This means that all of the rooms stay cool when central AC is on. But if you have window units, you often have to keep your doors closed to keep the room cool. This closes the person off from their other family members.

4. Storage Isn’t Necessary

One disadvantage of window units is that you have to find places to put them when they’re not in use. That’s not an issue with central air conditioning.

If you want a more convenient option for air conditioning, the best choice you can make is central air. Think about these benefits and you’ll see what a difference it can make.