Most of the decorative aggregates

You may think of aggregates as something that’s used for making concrete. But they can be used for other things as well. Below are three aggregate uses that you may not have considered.

1. Improve Drainage

Since decorative aggregates let water run into ground, they are helpful for reducing flooding in your garden. Use chippings or shingle instead of paving stones. Or you can place paving stones in the aggregates for making a nice path.

2. Create a Garden That’s Drought-Tolerant

Alpine gardens, gravel gardens, and rockers are great choices if you’re looking for something that’s low-maintenance and great for uncertain weather and poor soil. Most of the decorative aggregates are able to be used for this and create a stylish look for your home or business.

3. Landscape Your Pond

If you’re making a pond, you will want ramps for wildlife and for softening the pond’s edges. Aggregates are ideal for this. Cobbles and pebbles can recreate the look and feel of a beach or river. Make sure you’re choosing one that’s safe for the fish. Some of the natural stones, like those that contain lime, can affect the water’s pH level so that it’s not safe for fish.

As you can see, aggregates are ideal to be used for a variety of things. Whether you’re trying to improve your drainage, looking for a way to decorate your property or you want to landscape a pond, aggregates are the way to do it. Think of the possibilities and plan.