. One of the most popular options for snow removal is using a snowblower

Depending on where you live, snow is inevitable. One of the most popular options for snow removal is using a snowblower. Below are 3 snow removal tips when using a snowblower.

1. Don’t Wait for It to Stop

If a lot of snow is forecast, the last thing you want to do is to wait until it has stopped snowing. Begin snow blowing before it hits the 6-inch mark. Of course, you’re going to spend more time blowing the snow, but the snow blower isn’t going to work quite as hard. It’s also going to throw the snow that’s blown a lot further. This is going to make the snowbanks shorter.

2. Throw the Snow Far

Don’t throw the snow just partly off your driveway and don’t blow it another time. This is just going to make the load heavier for your blower. Below are four ways that you can make the snow throw far:

  • Take littler amounts of snow
  • Run it slower but at its full RPM
  • Adjust your chute diverter so its fully raised
  • Blow the snow in the wind’s direction

3. Prepare for Snow

When you know snow is coming, go out and look for things like rocks, branches, toys and anything else you might hit with the snowblower. Make sure you have a clear path. This will help avoid damage to your blower and injury to you. These are three tips that you can use for snow removal with a snow blower. Use them and you’ll find that your snow removal methods are a lot more successful.