When you are looking at faucets

If you are redoing your bathroom or kitchen, one of the things you’ll want to do is look at new faucets. Below are three tips you can use when you are deciding which faucets are right for you.

1. Don’t Go Just for Looks

Many people choose their faucets based on the way that it looks. But usually you’re able to get the look you’ll want and not compromise on long-term dependability and convenience.

2. Watch What You Spend

You should budget for a minimum of $100 for kitchen faucets and $65 for bathroom faucets. Sometimes you can find a bargain, but chances are it’s going to be low quality. If you’re spending more, you’re paying for the style rather than durability or reliability.

3. Watch the Reach & Height of the Spout

There is a lot of variety on the reach and height of spouts, and most times you can simply choose what you like the best. However, if there’s a shelf above your sink, having a spout that’s tall might not fit. With 3-bowl kitchen sinks, spouts with short reaches might not reach all of the bowls. If your bathroom faucet has a reach that is short, you may be slopping water behind it when you’re washing your hands.

When you are looking at faucets, remember these tips. They will help you to find the right faucet for you and for your home. There are many to choose from, just find the one that is going to fit your lifestyle best.