3 Tips for Keeping Your Septic System Healthy Between Septic Pump-outs

As a homeowner with a septic system, you know that regular septic pump-outs are an inevitable part of having a septic system. Although you can’t avoid all septic pump-outs, you can help your system run better by following these three tips.

1. Think Before Flushing – You shouldn’t use your toilet like your garbage can. you shouldn’t flush things like household chemicals, cigarette butts, hair, feminine hygiene items, or dental floss. The only thing that you should flush, other than waste, is toilet paper.

2. Don’t Rinse Down Your Drain – Things like grease and particles of food shouldn’t go down your kitchen or bathroom drain. These items will clog the sewer line and cause problems with those microorganisms that are there to break down the solid waste. Not only that, but when you put these things down the drain it can cause clogs and other problems in your pipes. So, don’t do it. You’ll be a lot happier and you will have fewer problems with your plumbing.

3. Use Your Water Sparingly – A lot of water can upset those microorganisms in your septic system. Spread your laundry through the week, get some faucet aerators and make sure that your home’s toilets are working well. Also, be careful when taking showers and baths.

These are three things you should remember when you have a septic system. You aren’t going to avoid all septic pump-outs, but you are going to help your system run a lot better by following these guidelines.