Plumbers know how to fix them safely and easily

Calling a plumber can be expensive sometimes, and homeowners may want to try and fix plumbing problems themselves. But there are times when calling a plumber is your best bet. Below are three times when you should definitely call a plumber for help.

  1. Toilet, Sink or Tub Not Draining – A clog usually will only get worse if you don’t deal with it immediately. If you have tried plunging or using a drain cleaner on a clog and it’s not working, its best to call your plumber. If you try repairing it on your own, you could damage your pipes or scratch your porcelain.
  2. Inconsistent or Poor Water Pressure – Whether it’s one faucet or multiple faucets with poor pressure, it’s a good idea to call your plumber if there’s issues with water pressure. Even though it could be a simple fix, you may have a bigger issue which needs monitoring and repair.
  3. Frozen Pipes – If you have frozen pipes, you should never try thawing them yourself. This could result in your pipes cracking or bursting. Plumbers know how to fix them safely and easily.

These are three situations when you want to leave the job to a professional plumber. Yes, it can be expensive, but think about how much more you’ll spend if the problem gets worse. Not only will you still have to call a plumber, but you may have to replace the items that got damaged from the water and mess that occurred.