Licensed plumbers are well trained
Licensed plumbers are well trained

You step into your kitchen and to your shock, your kitchen floor is full of water and it’s slowly sipping through to the living room. Immediately, you pick up the phone and call your trusted plumber to save the situation.

Have you ever stopped to think whether your go-to plumber is that trustworthy? Or is there some secret plumber’s code keeping him from letting you know everything that happens under the sink? Here are a few things that your plumber should but won’t tell you.

1. I’m Not a Plumber

Most of the “plumbers” in the industry are just handymen who know how to handle plumbing tools. Not all self-taught plumbers out there are incompetent, but a number of them don’t have a clue on what they are doing.

Aside from fixing a leak in no time, they also follow local safety codes and proper work regulations.

2. You Should Help Me Pick Out the Parts

Usually, plumbers scout for parts on their own without putting into consideration what the client thinks or the cost. Plumbers should always compare the prices with other available options and seek the opinions of the homeowners instead of handing the bill when the job is done.

3. I’m Not Sure How to Do This

Licensed plumbers are well trained, but even the best-trained plumbers can, at times, scratch their heads. This doesn’t mean that the plumber isn’t qualified. A good plumber will always admit when an expert has to be brought in. It’s essential to be clear about what skill is required for the task.