specialized enough that a professional plumber is required

Many handy people believe that they never need to call a plumber, but this is simply not the case. There are some plumbing jobs that are big and specialized enough that a professional plumber is required. Here are a few of those jobs that are not DIY and require a professional plumber to complete.

  1. Pipes: If your pipes need repair, replacement, or additions then you need to call a plumber to do the job for you. DIY piping in your home is a terrible idea if you are not an experienced plumber because of the risk they can pose to the home. Hiring a professional plumber for piping issues is not just worth the cost, it is entirely necessary.
  2. Water Heater: A water heater can be very dangerous if broken. They use a lot of heat, electricity, and pressure to heat all the water in a house. The replacing and repairing of a water heater should be left to a professional so that way no damage comes to you or your home.
  3. Major Leaks: A handy person should be able to stop a leaking sink or shower head, but when massive build-ups of water are happening, or water is pouring out, then it is time to call a professional. Turn off your water and call a professional plumber to come and repair the major leak, because you may not be able to fix it long term.

There are many more plumbing jobs that should be left to a professional plumber, but these are the most common issues you may see in your home. While whether you call a plumber or fix it yourself is up to your own discretion, but with the above-mentioned things you should definitely hire a professional plumber.