you are looking for honey bee removal options

When spring and summertime comes, the honey bees come with it. Although they are great for the plants, they also can cause a lot of issues especially if you have young children in the house. So if you are looking for honey bee removal options, below are three natural methods that you can use that are simple for anyone.

Citronella – Citronella’s scent is thought to ward off wasps and bees. One of the best ways that you can do this is through growing some citronella right in the garden. You also can burn citronella incense or candles outside.

Cucumber Peels – It’s also believed that cucumber peels will repel bees naturally. Just sprinkle these peels over the lawn and the flower beds. This is going to deter bees and fertilize the garden.

Sugar Water – If you are trying to keep the bees away from your house and out in the garden, one of the best ways is to dissolve some sugar in water. Then leave this mixture in the garden. The honeybees are going to smell the sugar water and think it’s honey. The bees will drown inside the water. You can also put some dish soap into the water, since it will make the bees drown quicker.

These are three ways that you can repel honeybees naturally and help them stay away from your home. You also can call beekeepers for honey bee removal, though you may have to pay a fee depending on how difficult the job is. Try these natural options first and see if you can get rid of them yourself. If these aren’t effective for your situation, it would be best to call a honey bee removal professional.