lead to septic tank pumping emergencies

If you have recently purchased a house with a septic system rather than having city water, you may not know how it works. If you make the wrong decisions, you may wind up with a lot of septic tank pumping emergencies. Below are three things that can lead to septic tank pumping emergencies.

1. Flushing Non-Flushables

One of the biggest problems things that people do when they have a septic tank is to flush down things they shouldn’t. Things such as baby wipes, diapers, and tampons should never go down your toilet. These are things that can’t properly break down and so they can cause damage to your tank. They also can clog your tank.

2. Doing a Lot of Laundry

You use lots of water when you do laundry. This means that if you’re doing a few loads within a short time, you’re stressing out your septic. Rather, try spreading your laundry out and only do a single load at one time. This will help your septic system and can help avoid septic tank pumping emergencies.

3. Overusing the Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals are convenient. But they also can put a lot of stress on your tank. When you put a lot of solid waste into your drain, it will take really long for it to get broken down. Not only that, but if you are dumping oil or grease into your disposal, it’s going to become solid as it dries, clogging your system.

These are three things you want to avoid doing or else you might have a lot of septic tank pumping emergencies. Take care of your septic system and it will take care of you.