important systems in your home is the heating and cooling system

One of the most important systems in your home is the heating and cooling system. Unfortunately, many homeowners make costly mistakes. Below are three of the common costly mistakes people make with their system.

  1. Camouflaging the HVAC system. Is your HVAC system outside? Chances are that you might want to hide it. But putting shrubs or plants around the system could clog your system and block it from properly ventilating. You should always ensure there’s a lot of space around the unit.
  2. Not Doing Yearly Maintenance. It’s recommended that you do yearly maintenance on your system. This can help with improving its efficiency and extending its life. Expert technicians also can spot little problems and stop them from becoming big expensive problems. It’s good to make it part of your winterizing and spring cleaning routines.
  3. Ignoring Your System’s Noises and Smells. Loud sounds coming from the system isn’t normal. If you’re noticing that your air conditioner or furnace is making a lot of noise, it’s a good idea to call someone in and have them look at it. You also shouldn’t ignore strange or stale odors. This could be a sign that there’s something wrong. This is another time when you should call in the professional.

These are three mistakes that you should avoid making when it comes to your heating and cooling system. When you avoid these mistakes, your system will last a lot longer and keep you comfortable year-round.