shopping for granite kitchen countertops
Granite Counter With Bar Stools In Kitchen With Island Butcher Block Island

Whether you’re upgrading your kitchen or having a new house built, one thing you may be considering is a granite kitchen countertop. But there are a few mistakes that people make when they are shopping for granite kitchen countertops which can actually cause problems in the future. Below are 3 common mistakes that are made when shopping for granite counters.

1. Putting in a Sink That’s Top Mounted

Top mounted sinks give you a lot of problems with cleanliness, since it’s really hard to keep debris, bacteria and dirt from getting under the sink. If you are going to put in a new countertop, use a sink that’s undermounted.

2. Obsessing About the Countertop’s Thickness

Granite typically comes in ¾” and 1 ¼. If you want something thicker, chances are that you’ll get one that’s just two slabs that are glued together.

3. Choosing Color Over Quality

When you are looking at countertop choices, you might have a color in mind. However, the color that you like might be easy to stain due to their porousness. If you select a more porous counter, you’re going to have a lot more costs in maintenance. A darker granite may not look as pretty, but it also won’t show spills and stains as much.

If you are looking at different granite kitchen countertops, make sure that you avoid making these mistakes. You’ll find that your kitchen is much more beautiful, and you have fewer problems while you are using it. The right granite countertop can last you for many years.