choosing the adapters for your hoses

When you use hydraulic hoses in your business, even the smallest miscalculation can cause a problem. Below are two things that you should consider when you are choosing the adapters for your hoses.

Resistance to Pressure and Temperature

It’s important for hose adapters to be able to stand up to certain temperature and pressure settings. Not only this, but based on where you’re using them, the fluid’s temperature and the pressure levels they’ll be withstanding may be higher than the fittings have been made for.

Therefore, you want to know what types of conditions the adapter will have to withstand. That’s why it’s essential to consider the Celsius degrees and PSI you expect to have.

You also shouldn’t choose an adapter of a lower quality that’s around your pressure or temperature threshold. Otherwise you may have a surge or spike that can cause cracks or breaks. It’s better to buy one that has a higher rating than you need than to have one that’s a lower rating.

Application and Material

There are two types of materials you want to consider when it comes to adapters – the material of the adapter and the liquid’s material. This will help you choose the right adapter for your needs.

Taking the two above things into consideration will help you with finding the right adapter for your hose. It will ensure that it’s made of the right material, that it’s strong, and that it’s rated for pressure and temperature.