Pool maintenance is very important

Pool maintenance is very important, but sometimes people care too much about explaining pool maintenance that they forget to explain why. So really, what will happen to your pool if you forget to do pool maintenance? Here is a short list of things that will happen to your pool if you forget to clean it.

Unclean Water: If your water is the wrong pH, doesn’t have enough cleaning chemicals, or is just dirty then bacteria can start to build. While green water is not as pleasant looking as blue water it can also be dangerous. Bacteria-ridden water can make your skin itch, or even contain bacteria like e-coli. This is the beginning stages of algae and slime developing in your pool. While these things are naturally occurring, they make the water unsafe to swim in.

Pump Problems: Unclean water will also add extra strain on the pump and filters trying to clean out your pool. This can lead to parts overheating, getting clogged, or other things that will prevent the pool system from working. This can be expensive to repair or replace, depending on the severity of their condition.

Cracking: When a pool is treated poorly enough and there is enough strain on the walls you may begin to notice cracking. This can lead to the pool leaking, or even breaking entirely which is a huge expense. 

Maintaining a pool can be difficult, but if you remember these issues that can arise if you forget to do pool maintenance then you may be encouraged to keep up with your pool.