commercial roofing maintenance in the hands of a professional roofing contractor

While the majority of property owners of commercial buildings put their commercial roofing maintenance in the hands of a professional roofing contractor, it is important to understand what is involved, how often it should be done, and why it is so critical to the protection of your building. Here are a few tips regarding commercial roofing maintenance for you to consider.

  • Inspections – The minimal number of times that your commercial roofing should be inspected by a commercial roofing maintenance professional is twice a year. However, you might also consider an impromptu inspection if there has been severe weather or you notice signs that damage may have occurred.
  • What to Check – Commercial roofing maintenance should include checking for any problems with the flashing, drainage, scuppers, vents, and inspect for any penetrations. Any found issues should be immediately resolved.
  • Routine Repairs – There is no roofing material that will last for decades without some attention being given to it. Handling routine repairs as they become noticeable is far better than dealing with a premature failure of the roof and potentially structural damage to the building.
  • Coatings – Some types of commercial roofing require the reapplication of a coating material, such as a reflective coating, that will enable it to better resist environmental conditions such as UV rays.
  • Planning – With regular commercial roofing maintenance, you’ll be able to monitor the potential lifespan of the roofing so you can establish and modify a capital expenditure budget to correspond with the inevitable replacement costs.