[6/1/2015] The
Dover Cassily Community Garden was disbanded a year ago due to lack of sustained interest.  Sorry!

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Interested in getting involved? Email dovercommunitygarden@gmail.com
 for more info, or just stop by
during a garden workday
or planning meeting!


The garden is located in Dover, NH on public land protected by a conservation easement. To get there from the center of town, take Central Ave northbound.  Take a left on Sixth Street Continue for half a mile then turn left onto Hillside Drive. Drive (slowly) past the housing development on your right and ball fields on your left. Take a right into a gravel parking lot with DCCG's garden shed at the far side.

You can park by the garden shed. Continue on foot from the shed down by the raised beds and DCCG sigh (on your right) just as you enter the woods turn left. Continue through the woods until you come to a field and take a right. Continue up the open track, staying right, towards the giant open field to where the gardens beds are. Congratulations! You've made it!

The right most blue marker is the parking lot and entrance to the garden.  Please use this entrance and not the Autumn Street path, as the  neighborhood has requested. The path shown will lead you to the garden.


More information about the garden:
  •  We help foster community and build personal relationships in everything we do.  All garden stewards work on one contiguous garden together, from the design, to planting, weeding, harvesting, community building, and eating (yummy!).
  • We believe in giving back to the community and to those who are less fortunate. Food is distributed three ways: (1) some is distributed to garden stewards, (2) some is donated to the Dover food pantry, and (3) some is sold to raise funds for the garden. Of course we keep some to plant the next year as well!
  • Everyone who that wants to work in the garden must sign a city waiver form and deliver it to the City Manager's office at City Hall.  The form is available here  If no one is in the office, you can slip it under the door.  
  • Suggested membership fee is $25 for individuals, $45 for families of any size, and $15 for students or seniors.  Checks made out to Dover Cassily Community Garden are fine, or try our new Donate Now button (coming soon)!
  • For help on how to use this site as a garden member, click here.